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Depressing Headline: Chicago goes *nearly one week* without a fatal shooting

Put down what you’re doing. This is breaking news.

Chicago just went nearly one week without a fatal shooting.

The City of Chicago woke up Sunday and frantically turned on the news. The last time someone had been shot dead in the city was February 26. If they could make it just one day without a fatality, they would be able to claim one full week without a firearm homicide.

Sunday March 5 marked exactly one week since Chicago experienced its last fatal shooting.

Unfortunately, no one in city government or the media bothered to call the Coroner. Their one-week celebration was premature. If they had called the Coroner, they would have learned that a man was found shot dead in a Chicago alley that morning. A 22-year-old man named Antoine D. Watkins was found shot multiple times in a back alley in Chicago’s West Side. Police found him face-down.

Because no one actually checked with the Coroner, Chicago media sites had to frantically change their headlines to add the words “nearly” or “almost” when they learned of the new murder.

So, tip your hats. The most anti-gun city in the country officially went 6 and 1/2 days without a fatal shooting. They made it nearly one week.

Ask a gun control lefty and they’ll argue that they missed the seven day mark because of a lack of gun control. They’ll argue that if only law abiding citizens had been forced to jump through one more hoop before buying a gun, maybe Chicago would have made an additional half day.

You and I know better…

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