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Part 2: Exhaustive List of Gun Control Measures that Need to Disappear

Here is part two of out Exhaustive List of Gun Control Measures that Need to Disappear now that Trump will be President. Let’s jump right in…

  • 27 CFR Part 47 – Removal of Certain Restrictions on Importation of Defense
    Articles and Defense Services From the Russian Federation

In 1997, the Clinton administration took an executive action to limit which types of firearms could be imported into the United States from Russia. The ATF listed a number of pistols and long guns that were allowed to enter the US. Any firearm not on that list was expressly prohibited from being imported into the country. Here’s the list of permissible guns…


1. German Model P08 Pistol
2. IZH 34M, .22 caliber Target Pistol
3. IZH 35M, .22 caliber Target Pistol
4. Mauser Model 1896 Pistol
5. MC-57-1 Pistol
6. MC-1-5 Pistol
7. Polish Vis Model 35 Pistol
8. Soviet Nagant Revolver
9. TOZ 35, .22 caliber Target Pistol


1. BARS-4 Bolt Action Carbine
2. Biathlon Target Rifle, .22LR caliber
3. British Enfield Rifle
4. CM2, .22 caliber Target Rifle (also known as SM2,
.22 caliber)
5. German Model 98K Rifle
6. German Model G41 Rifle
7. German Model G43 Rifle
8. IZH-94
9. LOS-7 Bolt Action Rifle
10. MC-7-07
11. MC-18-3
12. MC-19-07
13. MC-105-01
14. MC-112-02
15. MC-113-02
16. MC-115-1
17. MC-125/127
18. MC-126
19. MC-128
20. Saiga Rifle
21. Soviet Model 38 Carbine
22. Soviet Model 44 Carbine
23. Soviet Model 91/30 Rifle
24. TOZ 18, .22 caliber Bolt Action Rifle
25. TOZ 55
26. TOZ 78
27. Ural Target Rifle, .22LR caliber
28. VEPR Rifle
29. Winchester Model 1895, Russian Model Rifle

Noticeably absent from this list is the SVT-40 rifle. This was the semi-automatic infantry rifle that the Soviet Union fielded during World War II. There is no reason for this rifle to be excluded from importation into the US. It fires the 7.62x54r cartridge.

The Vepr 54r rifle does the exact same thing. It is semi-automatic and chambered in 54r. This is why this regulation makes no sense. A modern-production semi-automatic rifle can be imported no problem but a C&R gun manufactured in the early 1940s is left off the approved list.

Additionally, the list deliberately leaves off Russian SKS rifles and TT-33 pistols. American companies are allowed to import Yugoslavian SKS rifles, for example, or Romanian Tokarev pistols, but if they imported identical firearms that have a USSR stamp, it would be illegal.

This list needs to disappear…

  • Executive Order 13661, Blocking Property of Additional Persons Contributing to the Situation in Ukraine

When Russia invaded Crimea in 2014, President Obama responded by using an executive order to place economic sanctions on key players in the Russian government and economy. One of the impacts was to ban the importation of many models/brands of Russian firearms and ammunition into the US.

Saiga rifles and shotguns were banned from importation but the similar VEPR firearms were still allowed into the country because of how the Molot Arsenal’s ownership was structured. This has also resulted in the market for surplus 7.62x54r ammunition drying up. With these new restrictions, Russian companies have shifted their surplus ammunition sales to the Middle East where they are able to charge more per round. Barack Obama’s executive order, while designed to hurt Russia, actually helps ISIS and other radical groups in the Middle East by forcing companies to export arms and ammunition to the Middle East instead of the United States.

Repealing this Obama-era executive order would not only allow the reimportation of modern defense and sporting arms into the United States, but would also bring more curio & relic firearms into the country for collectors.

There are still World War II Mosin Nagants out there. Would we rather have American firearms collectors purchase them or let them fall into the hands of ISIS and other radical groups?

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